Some bands just know what to do when they get on stage in front of a crowd or in the studio…. Get the right group of players together and not a lot of discussion is needed... about what to play, how to play it, when to play it. That’s the kind of band the DCRoots is. Not just guitar strummers and "weekend warriors", you could probably call them “seasoned veterans” – all are virtuosos on their instruments, having learned their craft the way it is supposed to be learned: in bars and dives, house gigs and road trips, providing the spark behind notable DC and national R&B/Jazz and Roots-Americana artists. 

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DCRoots perform adult-oriented R&B/Jazz instrumental and vocal versions of songs by many artists including:
Van Morrison
Junior Walker
Bob Dylan
The Beatles
Fats Waller
Benny Goodman
King Curtis
Chuck Berry
Django Reinhardt
Lee Morgan
Taj Mahal
Fats Domino
Little Milton
Cookie and the Cupcakes
Percy Sledge
Curtis Mayfield
Lee Dorsey
Eddie Harris
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters

To contact DC Roots, call:
Claude Arthur @ (540)220-8213, or write to: